Pet Cremation.

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Pet Cremation in Oklahoma City & Tulsa

Pet Memories was opened in 2008 by Wade and Jennifer Jackson. The Jackson family brings over 20 years experience in human death care to pet families. The main focus is to help you memorialize and celebrate the life of your beloved pet.


Also called alkaline hydrolysis, Aquacremation is a Gentle, Environmentally Friendly Method of Disposition for your beloved pet. Flameless Cremation uses WATER instead of fire and is a new alternative to burial or flame cremation.

Why do we offer Aqua Cremation Pet Cremation Services?

  • Gentle & respectful process
  • Zero emissions – no harmful greenhouse gases
  • Low energy consumption
  • 1/10 the carbon footprint than flame-based cremation
  • 20% more ashes returned for families who request them
  • They are 100% clean, disease and pollutant free
  • Cost is similar to standard flame-based cremation
Private Cremation

This service provides your pet complete privacy in the cremation chamber. All cremains are gathered and carefully packaged for return to the owner. We have three crematories on-site to ensure your pet is “truly” cremated privately. Our newest crematory is just one of a few in the world. It has six private chambers and is used exclusively for our families that choose to privately use our pet cremation services.

Communal (Non-Private) Cremation
This group service option is for families who do not wish to retain their pet’s remains, but still wish to ensure that their deceased pet is treated in a dignified manner.
Confirmation of Private Cremation

A Pet Memories colored tag is attached to your pet at your veterinarian’s office or home that includes your pet’s name and the family surname. The color of the tag indicates the family’s wish to privately cremate their loved one. Once your pet is at our facility, a metal numbered tag is assigned as soon as the pet cremation process begins. Upon completion of the cremation process, the metal tag, along with the cremains are packaged with the certificate of private cremation. From beginning to end, your pet is NEVER without identification. If you question whether your loved one is being cremated privately, please always ask for an inspection of the facility.

Our Crematories

We are the ONLY pet crematory in Oklahoma with a six-chamber private crematory. We have invested in our business and purchased the equipment so that our families have the peace of mind to know that their pet(s) are truly being cremated privately.  Our pet cremation process utilizes state of the art crematories.

Our chambers numbered one through six are used only for private cremations. Crematory seven is used for private large breeds and eight is used for non-private cremations. Again, non-private cremations are for the families that do not wish to retain their pet’s remains, but still wish to ensure that their deceased pet is treated in a dignified manner.

Our Guarantee

» Immediate Response

» State-of-the-Art, Licensed Crematories

» Certified Crematory Operators

» Positive ID Tag System

» Professional & Compassionate Pet Cremation Services