Pet Cremation.

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The Pet Cremation Process for Private Cremations:

When your pet is picked up by our staff, a metal numbered tag is assigned to your pet and remains with your pet throughout the cremation process. You will also receive a certificate of cremation.

At Pet Memories, we offer you two service options:

1) Your Pet’s Ashes Returned to You

When you request that we return the ashes to you, the cremation we perform is private. Individual cremations are identified with your name as well as your pet’s name to ensure that you receive your pet’s ashes at the end of the process. With 24-hour pet pickup services, we can help you expedite the cremation process to help you through your time of grief. A standard container is included in the cost of this service option. If you prefer, you may purchase your own decorative urn from our website or office location.

2) Your Pet’s Ashes Scattered

As an alternative to the return of your pet’s ashes, you may also choose to have us scatter the ashes for you. This provides a fitting method for us to return a life to the Earth on your behalf.

Urns and Keepsakes:

A wide variety of cremation urns can be viewed under the “Pet Urns” section of our website. Just select the type of urn you are interested in – bronze, ceramic, wood, etc. Please note that keepsakes are designed to only hold a small amount of ash. Please choose a full-sized urn if you are planning to fit all the cremains in one larger container.


Pet Memories is now offering a new environmentally friendly cremation process, AquaCremation. Learn More.