Pet Cremation.

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What Is Cremation?
Cremation is the process of reducing matter by exposing it to intense heat. Through high temperatures and evaporation, the body is reduced to skeletal remains (or cremains). These cremains are then processed to reduce them to small fragments (ashes).
What is AquaCremation?
Also called alkaline hydrolysis, is a gentle environmentally friendly method of disposition for your beloved pet. Flameless Cremation uses WATER instead of fire and is a new alternative to burial or flame cremation.

Why do we offer AquaCremation?

  • Gentle & respectful process
  • Zero emissions – no harmful greenhouse gases
  • Low energy consumption
  • 1/10 the carbon footprint than flame-based cremation
  • 20% more ashes returned for families who request them
  • Over 90% energy savings when compared to flamed-based cremation
  • Cost is similar to standard flame-based cremation
What Is an Urn?
An urn is a container specially made to hold cremated remains (cremains). Urns are made in many styles and materials and are available for long-term containment and display of cremains or for temporary containment prior to scattering the cremains.
Can I Be Certain That I Have MY Pet's Cremains?
Yes, each pet is given an identification tag at the veterinary hospital or in your home. NO pet will be removed without this identification affixed. Once your pet is at our facility, a metal numbered tag is assigned and remains with them throughout the individual cremation process and is included within the urn itself. A certificate of verification is also provided with each urn prepared by Pet Memories Cremation Service.
Can I Witness the Cremation of My Pet?
Yes, you may be present at Pet Memories Cremation Service when the cremation takes place. This service is provided by appointment only and must be scheduled with us. Being present while the cremation takes place is not a necessary component of the cremation process, nor is it an experience for which every pet owner is emotionally prepared to handle. Consider carefully whether this option is appropriate for you during this difficult time.
What Is Pet Memories Cremation Service?
Pet Memories Cremation Service provides cremation services to more than 50 veterinary clinics and hospitals throughout the State of Oklahoma. Pet Memories has performed these services from the same location and under the same ownership for over 10 years. The owner and general manager, Wade Jackson, adheres to the highest ethical standards, both in operations and in management.