Every pet owner has strong emotions about their pets, which makes it all the harder that our pets never live as long as we do. Sickness, injury, and simple old age take their toll, and it’s a painful reality that at some point you’ll have to prepare for the loss of your pet. In this blog post we’ll talk about how to mentally prepare yourself and make your pet comfortable during their twilight days.

Decide on Burial or Cremation

Many people don’t think (or prefer not to think) about what will happen to their pet’s remains after they pass. However, having a plan in place for whether you will bury or cremate your pet will make it easier to deal with their loss and will give you a solid, reliable plan you can follow.

If You Choose Cremation, What You Will Do With the Cremains

Different pet owners have different preferences and ideas about what they want to do with their pet’s ashes after they pass. For instance, some choose to spread the ashes in a meaningful place, while others may keep an urn or memorial in their homes.  There is no right or wrong answer to this question – you should do whatever feels like the best course for yourself and your family.

If You Choose Burial, Where and How You Will Bury Your Pet

Some pet owners want to bury their pets on their own property, but this isn’t always allowed in town or county laws. If you’re planning to bury your pet yourself, make sure you check on the legal standing in your area, or you may run the risk of fines. Other pet owners prefer pet cemeteries, but this can be an expensive option for some. Make sure you check on prices, plots, and other requirements. It may be easier for you (or another family member) to do this while you’re not mourning, so plan ahead if you think you can.

Make Your Pet’s Days Comfortable

It’s easy to panic and lose control when you’re facing the loss of your pet. However, stress and grief can easily translate to your companion, making their last days harder than they need to be. Do your best to control your emotions and make your pet’s last days comfortable and happy. If your pet can handle it, make sure to take him or her for walks or to some of their favorite places.

Make Memories

Above all else, be sure to create opportunities for yourself to remember your pet while they’re still here. Take pictures or videos or create another memorial for yourself to remember your pet by. Every person is different and will have their own way of remembering their pets. Just make sure you take the opportunity while you still can.

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