When it comes to memorializing your pet, we understand that, even in death, you want your pet to be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.  Pet cremation is a popular choice amongst families who would like to move away from the traditional burials, especially due to an increase in city and state restrictions on this process.  However, many pet owners can be hesitant about choosing pet cremation due to unanswered questions or concerns. We wanted to take the time to address some of the most commonly asked questions about our practice and processes to provide you with answers and peace of mind.

Do I Have to Bring My Pet to You?

We provide a variety of options to make this difficult time easier for you.  We offer 24-hour pet pickup services to expedite the process, providing you with support and allowing you to focus on processing your grief and feelings with your loved ones.  We also work with many veterinarians if you feel more comfortable having them handle the pickup for you.   

What is the Cremation Process?

Once your pet has been picked up by a member of our staff, a colored tag with the name of your pet and your family’s surname is assigned to your pet.  Once your pet arrives at our facility, we assign a metal numbered tag that stays with them throughout the entire process, ensuring that the cremains that are returned to you belong to your pet.  We also offer inspections of our facility at any time, as well as give you the option to privately observe the cremation.

What Types of Cremation are Available?

At Pet Memories, we offer three types of cremation:

  • AquaCremation.  Also known as alkaline hydrolysis, this is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cremation.  This process uses water instead of fire to perform the cremation and returns 20% more ashes to the families who request to have the cremains delivered to them.  You can learn more about this service here.
  • Communal (Non-Private) Cremations.  This is a group service offered to families who do not wish to receive their pet’s remains after the cremation process, but would still like their pet to be cremated in a respectful and honoring way.
  • Private Cremations.  This service is provided to families who would like their pet to be cremated privately.  We have three crematories at our facility, each with private chambers, to allow for a private cremation process.  By scheduling an appointment, you can also be present while the cremation takes place and oversee the process.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of a pet’s cremation varies.  We believe that all families should have cremation services made available to them, no matter what kind of pet they have.  We base our pricing structure on the weight of your pet and provide cremations for all pets up to 500 lbs. For more information on our prices and to receive an estimate, please give us a call anytime at 405-840-0800.

What Happens After the Cremation?

We provide families with two service options after the cremation process is complete.  The first is to return the ashes to you. With this option, we perform a private cremation to ensure that you only receive your pet’s ashes; we also provide you with a certificate of cremation.  The ashes are carefully gathered and placed in a traditional container that is included in the cost of this service. We also offer customized and decorative urns if you’d like to choose a more personal touch for celebrating the memory of your beloved pet.  The second option is to have our staff scatter your pet’s ashes for you. In these cases, we perform communal cremations and handle the entire process on your behalf.

Learn More

To learn more about pet cremations and our process, contact Pet Memories today.  We are a family-owned business that provides high-quality, respectful pet cremation services to families in Oklahoma since 2008.  Our business was formed after experiencing the death of our family cat and realizing the lack of full-service cremation services for our beloved pets.  Our main focus is to give your pet the loving care they deserve and helping you find peace during this difficult time. Give us a call today at 405-840-0800, email us at petmemoriesok@yahoo.com, or send us a message online to learn more about how we can serve you.